We’re on the road to…

Dan Fitch
2 min readAug 17


What can we do about the anxiety of the coming school year?

You know the road you are supposed to be traveling. Unless this is your first year, you know what’s going to happen.

You will sign in and get your key. You will log back into the computer and look at email. There will be meetings. There will be presentations. There will be time to set up your room (hopefully).

Just beyond the corner… do you see it?

It’s the class. It’s the parents. It’s the mid-year changes. It’s a personal issue, or a medical one. It’s an invitation to something that you don’t want to do. It’s a polite, although direct, request to complete a task faster than you had planned.

It’s many things and one thing. It’s unknown.

The road stays the same- it’s still pavement. The school stays the same. There are weeks and weekends, holidays, and returning to the building. There are lines on the road- so the rules stay the same. The school rules are the same too- put in your time off with notice, report cards are due on a certain day, and you will have meetings.

Although things will stay the same, there will be unknowns and change.

While you have time now, let go of the unknown. It’s not here yet.

Let go of the worry, save your energy for when the rough patches come.

Let go of the need to plan and predict, you can roll with the punches and go with the flow.

Although some things will stay the same, there will be unknowns and change and you have got this.



Dan Fitch

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