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Dan Fitch
2 min readAug 14

August is one long Sunday night- Unknown

I love memes. I love those “Some EEcards” pictures with the line drawing that looks old fashioned and some snarky comment that sticks out and makes you laugh, or think, or both.

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Whether you return to school in August, or whether it’s the beginning of the end of your summer break in other parts of the country, August can bring on those Sunday scaries.

What am I going to do? What’s the class going to be like? Another year?

In his Daily Dad emails, Ryan Holiday talks about “choosing” to be a parent because raising our children is the most important job we can have. I’d argue that educating children is nearly equal in importance. This is even more true when you consider all of the things that are added to the typical teacher’s plate.

The curriculum- yes! The parents- of course. The student’s emotional well-being- absolutely. Being collegial and checking in on your peers well-being- it needs to happen too. Self-care- it’s necessary! This is not to include being a security guard and defender of education as well.

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It’s a lot.

So, I say to you August dreading educator- choose to be a teacher this year. You will come into orientation day. You will get your class list. You will have paperwork up to your eyeballs.

You will choose to be a teacher.

The students might have behavior challenges. A parent might want to talk to you more often than any other parent. The district might have a new curriculum initiative.

You will choose to be a teacher.

This year, you will choose to be a teacher and it will feel better because you made the choice. It will be harder some days and it will be easier on other days. Yet, you will still choose.

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And your students will be better for it.

You will we better for it.

Dan Fitch

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