Do What You Can Now, Nothing Else…

Dan Fitch
2 min readSep 25

“If you give things more time and energy than they deserve, they’re no longer lesser things. You’ve made them important by the life you’ve spent on them.”

-Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

On any given day in your school, there are going to be problems. There could be problems in your own life or problems with your students. There could be problems with a colleague or a parent. There could be a snafu with the technology in your room, or gasp, the internet could go down.

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In these moments, what choices are available to you? You can complain to a colleague, throw your hands up and say that you can’t do your job, or wonder why you had to be given this class, this year.

You can also choose to handle what is within your sphere of control. You can breathe, take in the moment and choose to do something different. You can choose to not have an opinion about the problem, but rather work toward the solution.

Remember, you spend a lot of your time at work. That time can be something that uplifts you and moves the needle on important parts of your life, or it can be time where you feel stressed and miserable.

Don’t give meaningful time to meaningless situations. Work on what’s in front of you now and move on.

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Dan Fitch

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