The gray clouds are banked from the horizon to the apex of the sky. They look like rolling smoke from a cartoon fire- too round, too even, but yet they remain.

October should always be gray. Windy, and putting a chill in your bones. Preparing you for the winter to…

This is a total Dad thing to say, but…the heat wasn’t going on in the house until November 1st.

Mother Nature had another idea.

Photo by Matt on Unsplash

It wasn’t enough for frost, but it was enough to have to put on the heat in the car. Heat doesn’t have a smell, does it…

I know why teachers hate me.

I can go to the bathroom pretty much whenever I want (compared to them).

You would think that something like that doesn’t sound important, but it is. There is a freedom to certain jobs within a school, while others are more restrictive. Yes, you…

I watch her eyes…

When you take time to watch someone’s eyes, it requires patience. Patience that we are not used to these days. Patience that requires ignoring the background noise from other classes. …

The sound first reached my ears, and then my mind came up to the surface.

Photo by team voyas on Unsplash

It’s dark, and the only light comes from the cable box. It’s a jade colored light that leaves a ghostly glow over the bed. Blinking slow at first, then opening my eyes.

5am is not…

Dan Fitch

Helping kids communicate is my day job. Wading through my thoughts to get them out here.

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